Trief & Olk Files Electric Zoo Class Action Complaint

Our clients purchased tickets for three days of a festival featuring elaborate sets, lighting, and special effects.  Not only did they not get what they paid for, but what they did get was: cancellation of the first day’s performances; a two-hour delay in opening the gates on the second day; excessive lines to enter the grounds; overflowing garbage cans and port-a-potties; a shortage of drinking water; and – to cap it off on the third day — angry crowds rushing the gates when the festival’s insufficient and inadequately trained security staff were unable to contain the thousands of ticketholders who were turned away because the event was oversold.

In sum, Defendants oversold the event, failed to plan for the crowds that attended, and did not deliver the promised lavish displays of sound and light.  As a result, our clients are seeking – and deserve – refunds for the hundreds of dollars spent on tickets for this fiasco.

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