Products Liability

Through the years, the law firm of Trief & Olk has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of people who have sustained tragic or life-altering injuries caused by unsafe or defective products, whether at the workplace, at home, or elsewhere.

Trief & Olk’s experience in the field of products liability will ensure that you have the legal representation necessary to properly litigate your products liability claim.

Product liability cases are very complex and require a sophisticated level of expertise. The complexities of these kinds of cases involve multiple layers of defendants, expert witnesses requiring an extensive investment of time and money, an understanding of how to handle the discovery process in foreign states or countries, and knowing which courts have jurisdiction over the subject matter.  Trief & Olk’s experience in the field will ensure that you have the legal representation necessary to properly litigate your products liability claim.

Product Liability Verdicts:

Trief & Olk has successfully represented numerous clients in a broad range of products liability cases including:

  • Our client was the owner of an Italian grocery who used a pasta-making machine designed to automatically shut off when the lid opened.  When the machine failed to turn off, our client suffered extensive damage including the loss of his hand.  The manufacturer was in Italy with no United States offices or employees. We were able to achieve a seven-figure settlement for this client by locating the distributor in the United States and proving that the machine had malfunctioned.
  • Our client obtained a seven figure settlement after suffering the loss of four fingers on his hand when it became trapped in the rollers of a rubber mill machine. His injury occurred because the machine lacked a standard safety device, which we were able to show was contrary to industry recommendations.
  • An employee using a redesigned mixing machine suffered an amputation to his right hand at the mid forearm (which was able to be reattached) while operating the machine. The redesign removed the safety device from the machine which would have prevented the employee’s accident. Trief & Olk was able to recover a settlement worth more than a million dollars against the company that redesigned the machine.

Other examples of products liability cases litigated by Trief & Olk include:

  • A housewife suffered burns to her face, neck and back when operating a pressure cooker.  The pressure cooker was able to be opened prior to depressurization.  As a result, its boiling contents were ejected onto the client, causing severe burns.
  • A textile factory worker lost his hand in the unguarded rollers of a fabric dying machine. The machine did not include a safety switch to prevent remote operation of the machine.
  • A grocery worker was injured while using a meat grinder. The chute of the grinder was too large and his hand became entangled in the grinding mechanism as he was feeding meat into the machine.
  • A factory worker lost the use of his hand in an industrial mixing machine. The machine was able to operate from a remote location even though the door was open.
  • A factory worker helping a co-worker to set up a die cutting machine suffered a crush injury to his right arm when his coworker mistakenly pressed a button causing the ram of the machine to come down on his arm. The machine did not have proper guarding or a dual button activation system.
  • A factory worker was severely injured when a forklift overturned.
  • A worker using a snow blower injured his hand when he attempted to clear wet snow that had clogged the chute. The machine was not equipped with a “dead-man” control to stop the machine from moving when the operator let go of the handles.

If you or someone you know has been injured by a faulty or defective product, we may be able to achieve compensation for the injured party. Please contact our lawyers in New York or New Jersey to discuss your case.

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