Negligent Security, Premises Liability, & Auto-Accidents

One of the many strengths of Trief & Olk is our ability to handle complex litigation involving issues that require inventive solutions. As a result, Trief & Olk has expertly handled a variety of other complex cases that do not fall neatly into the firm’s other categories.  Here are some additional cases we were able to resolve:

Negligent Security

  • We obtained a judgment of almost $2 million against a Manhattan nightclub on behalf of a man who had been stabbed during a fight with another customer.
  • We obtained a seven figure settlement on behalf of a woman who was raped in her apartment building because of the landlord’s failure to maintain proper security.

Premises Liability

  • We represented a family badly injured when a fire occurred in their apartment as a result of the overloading of an extension cord. The overloading occurred because the landlord had removed electrical sockets in the apartment, contrary to electrical code provisions. We were able to obtain a recovery in excess of a million dollars for the family.

Auto Accidents

  • Trief & Olk was able to obtain a multimillion dollar recovery for a family injured due to a car accident caused by tire separation.  We had to prevail on two separate appeals involving disputes as to the application of foreign law and compelling information claimed by the tire company defendant to be trade secrets.
  • We successfully represented a passenger injured in a rental car where there was a dispute over the identity of the driver and whether the continued rental of the car was unauthorized by the rental company.  He suffered multiple fractures of his legs and shoulder. We were able to obtain upfront money and a structured settlement over time which resulted in a recovery of over a million dollars.
  • Our client suffered a serious arm fracture while a passenger in a rented vehicle. The case was tried to verdict and the client received more than one million dollars with the verdict later affirmed on appeal.
  • We also obtained a verdict on behalf of a woman injured in an automobile accident who lost the ability to have a child.
  • A verdict after trial of several hundreds of thousands of dollars and a settlement on behalf of an elderly woman injured in a single car accident when her car slid on ice which had not been removed despite notice of a leak in the area which permitted water to accumulate.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a construction accident, we may be able to achieve compensation for the injured party. Please contact us to discuss your case.

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