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World’s Largest Restaurant Group Sued for Violation of Labor Laws

Trief & Olk served as the plaintiffs’ attorneys in a collective action against the world’s largest full-service restaurant group, Darden Restaurants. Darden’s chains include Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, and Seasons 52.  The matter is currently proceeding through mediation and arbitration on an individual basis.  The lawsuit alleged that Darden violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) by underpaying thousands of servers and bartenders across the country.  These violations included off-the-clock work, inappropriate use of tip credit wages, and unpaid overtime. For additional information, please visit – See more at:

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Second Largest Bank Overdraft Settlement Reached at $137.5 Million

Trief & Olk co-led the action against Citizens Financial Group, a unit of the Royal Bank of Scotland, resulting in the second largest bank overdraft settlement to date of $137.5 million.  At issue was the financial institutions reordering of debit-card transactions from highest to lowest–rather than in the order that the transactions occurred–in order to maximize the number of overdraft fees that could be charged to a customer.  As a result of these deceptive practices, millions of customers were charged unfair overdraft fees.  The settled lawsuit was part of a broader class-action suit that involved more than 30 banks including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Capital One Financial, PNC Financial Services and JPMorgan Chase.

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$410 Million to Be Paid in Lawsuit Settlement by Bank of America

Trief & Olk served on the plaintiffs’ executive committee in the nationwide class-action lawsuit against dozens of the country’s largest banks concerning the deceptive overdraft fee practices. The litigation resulted in a number of settlements, including a $410 million settlement reached with Bank of America. The settlement affected more than 13 million Bank of America customers who had debit card overdrafts during the past decade.

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JPMorgan Chase Pays $110 Million in an Overdraft Lawsuit Settlement

Trief & Olk was part of the multidistrict class-action lawsuit which resulted in a $110 million against JPMorgan Chase. The lawsuit was brought against the bank over its so-called transaction-ordering practices. The bank’s deceptive reordering of debit card transactions resulted in increased overdraft fees for millions of consumers. As part of the settlement, the bank also agreed not to charge overdraft fees on transactions of $5 or less.

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